The Corkage Club

Take your own wines out to dinner

Take your own wines out to dinner

The mission of The Corkage Club is to bring together wine lovers and restaurants so that collectors can enjoy the contents of their cellars in the comfort of a welcoming restaurant and that restaurants can enjoy hosting them, particularly when they're not so busy. I so often hear from wine lovers that they'd eat out a lot more if they could only take their own wine with them.

We have a list of restaurants that allow you to take your own wine along

The main part of this site is a freely accessible searchable directory of restaurants, with a brief synopsis of what style they are and what corkage offers they make as standard. For most people, this will be a very useful resource to find somewhere to go and enjoy a bottle that might be better than they could otherwise justify from the list. Having said that, we're also trying to champion restaurants that do have excellent and well-priced lists.

We are also going to be liasing with a selection of restaurants who are prepared to make special offers to our premium members, often on a limited basis. Premium membership will cost £20/year.

We will also be organising club events where we hope members will share their love of wine and fine food at selected restaurants around London and the UK.

We are not here to undermine restaurants

This is not supposed to be an opportunity to bring along cheap wines, which would be potentially insulting to restauranteurs who are trying to make an honest living in the increasingly tough world of hospitality. We hope that our members will get excellent service from restaurants and will form lasting relationships.

We're a Club

We are a club in the general sense of the word, and we care greatly about our reputation as individuals in addition to the reputation of the club. Etiquette is important to us, as we hope it is to you! See our page on guidelines for more details. 

So what are you waiting for? Have a quick browse of the restaurants and then sign up on the registration page to help make this club a success!