Q: There are lots of other sites that list BYO restaurants, why are you bothering?

A: Yes, there are a few out there, but most tend to be a sideline to a blog/general wine resource that quickly goes out of date. We are focussed on this. By introducing a membership scheme where members sponsor the club, we can afford to be serious and keep information up to date.

Q: How can you do this for free?

A: We probably can't. Although Alex's company is funding initial development, sponsor memberships will be vital to our survival. We are also hoping to introduce exclusive deals and events where we can share in the proceeds.

Q: Can I advertise my wine-related business to your members?

A: Yes, but not yet! Please drop us a line (info@thecorkageclub.co.uk) if you'd like to do this 

Q: Can I take any old wine along to BYO restaurants?

A: This is generally a matter of respect and ettiquette - club members are not expected to take along a bottle of plonk to a decent restaurant simply to save money on dining out - as a guideline, don't take anything of a lesser standard than the restaurant's house wines.

Q: I know some restaurants that don't feature on your list - can I nominate them?

A: Yes! Please do. There's a link to a nomination form at the top of the restaurants page. You must be a member to be able to do this, though.

Q: Why should I upgrade to Premium Membership?

A: Well, no good reason at the moment, as we're only just starting out and so haven't asked any restaurants to offer special deals to our premium members. However, if you think this is a worthy endeavour, it means a lot to us (and potential investors, should the project get off the ground commercially!). In the future, there should be enough incentive to make sense to do so.

Q: Are you going to be adding a forum system to the club?

A: Probably not. There are a few excellent forums around, not least Tom Cannavan's UK wine forum. Also some more commercial ones - see the Resources page for more. Having said that, we will be allowing full members to post comments on magazine articles and restaurant reviews, so there's a fine line there....

If you have any other questions that we should be answering here, please email info@thecorkageclub.co.uk