December 18th 2019 After a pause, looking to release

Where have we been?

Just a quick article to explain the lack of anything for quite some time.

Essentially the day job and looking for a new house and selling the old one have got in the way.

But it's time to get a move on to see if this idea has legs. I still often find myself coming across situations where a site like this would be really useful, so I do think it has potential. Whether or not it will get to the point of being self-sustaining is another matter!

On the plus side, my period of non-involvement has at least enabled me to review the website with fresher eyes, giving it a clearer sense of purpose, improving the flow and removing some excruciating copy!

We have some testers who will be giving their feedback before a final round of polishing and then release to the early members - whose job will be to populate the site to get a critical mass of restaurants to get things rolling.

If successful. that will be followed by a more serious commercialisation phase to get to the goal of self-sustainability.