February 13th 2019 Nearly Ready to Go!

So the restaurant nomination workflow is in its polishing phase. This is the brains behind the restaurant nomination form. It's all about sending emails to the restaurant manager, inviting them to check and approve the details, reminding them once if they ignore it, and then either publishing the entry into the restaurant database or marking them down as "don't list us". I wonder how many of those we'll get?

Hopefully will get some nominations out next week and start building the restaurant directory. Anyone is free to join in with nominating their favourites. There's a fair amount of manual oversight right now. I've no idea if we'll get spurious entries. I hope not, but if that happens, I guess we'll have to restrict nominations to approved members.

Here's an amusing view of diners based on how well they have their meat cooked. No comment from me! 

I wonder where Corkage Club members would come in this?